Distractions in the workplace and in classrooms

Dalitria Manick
2 min readApr 18, 2021

Distractions in the classroom can effect kids learning , they could loose focus easily. Especially when it comes to other kids talking and playing around kids can get side tracked and stop paying attention. distractions can also include electronic devices.

Most teens make it hard on themselves because they choose to have their headphones in or be looking down at their phones the whole time their suppose to be learning. There is a great fascination that most teens and or adults seem to think they work better when listening to music.

A recent study analyzed the perspectives of both students and instructors in regards to use of technology in the classroom setting. Students actually know and realize that the use of technology has a negative impact on people around them when used for off-task purposes like browsing the web. general methods of dealing with technology use in class included ignoring and tolerating it, minimizing it by explaining to students the detriments, or utilizing it in classroom activity. The study suggested students were wrong to believe they could divide their attention between technology and class lectures, as technology impairs their ability to retain information from the class.

However my fellow classmate also believes certain forms of technology is a distraction in the classroom, “when your suppose to be paying attention there no reason your phone should be out.” although she also said this during my interview with her “ I do believe it is okay if that certain students has done everything they needed to do and it wont effect their education” she went on to say.

She also gave me her own list of distractions that teens tend to bring into the classroom “talking, eating food in class , playing games on your phone, sleeping ,and not paying attention” which i agree , kids seem to miss oujt on their education with the intent to play on their phones or sleep as soon as they get there.

Like most teens , adults on the other hand arent that easily distracted or ready to loose focus. most adults in the workplace always seem to stay on their tasks no matter what and keep their responsibilities in order. according to one of my teachers it it harder for adults to get distracted “ for adults it’s different because we are able to understand when something has become a distraction . Most adults should be able to
put all priorities first.”

She believes that their is no such thing as distractions for an adult , “adults should be able to multitask and get their work done or not be as distracted.”